Councilman Brian Byrd, MD
for Fort Worth Mayor
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Why Brian Byrd

The Wise Choice… You Can Believe In.

Brian led the effort to bring a new community center, a Boys and Girls Club, a library, a new school, and all kinds of social services to the Las Vegas Trail area, a previously overlooked community in our city.

“That kind of leadership requires vision, a listening ear, a compassionate heart, and direct involvement with residents so that the community gets to make decisions on what is best. It demands the ability to bring together talented people from many organizations and to get everyone working together. That’s what we did in Las Vegas Trail and that is what we intend to do all over our city.”

Brian Byrd


  • Fort Worth District 3 City Council Member since May 2017
  • Founder, Former CEO of Texas Hospice
  • Founder, Physician at Texas Family Medicine
  • Member of National Board of Directors, Prison Fellowship Ministries
  • Board of Directors, LVTRise
  • MedStar Board Chairman since June 2017

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Brian Loves Fort Worth

Brian has worked on issues that affect the entire city. He believes that every issue must be solved through the lenses of critically important principles: efficient government, quality services, accountability, transparency, and justice.